Post Oak Clean Green, Inc.

Company Profile:

Post Oak Clean Green, Inc. is a company dedicated to an environmentally safe solution of our solid waste streams through a proven procedure which will dispose of our solid wastes while maintaining our ecology in an environmentally protected manner.

PO Box 1270, Seguin, Texas 78155

Post Oak MSW Landfill:

The proposed Post Oak Development is located at 7787 FM 1150, approximately 12.1 miles east of Seguin just south of Interstate Highway 10.

The costs of permitting, constructing and operating solid waste disposal facilities throughout the United States increased dramatically since the emergence of Subtitle "D" regulations in 1991. Specifically Subtitle "D" required that all landfills located in an area that receive over 25 inches of average rainfall per year, and accept a waste flow greater than 20 tons per day must abide by the following criteria:

Because of these regulations, the era of building and operating "Dumps" was over. The EPA regulations required sound and proven methods of disposing of our solid waste streams in order to protect the environment.

  • Municipal landfills cannot be located close to airports. Siting in ecologically valuable wetlands or areas subject to natural disasters (floodplains, fault areas, seismic zones, etc.) is restricted.
  • Landfills must keep out hazardous wastes; apply daily cover; control disease vector populations; monitor methane gas; restrict public access; control storm water runoff; protect surface water from pollutants and keep appropriate records.
  • Municipal Solid Waste Landfills must be designed with a composite liner made of synthetic material covering a two foot clay liner.
  • All landfills must have monitoring wells to detect any groundwater contamination. If groundwater is contaminated, the owner/operator is required to clean it up to acceptable standards.
  • When a landfill stops accepting waste, it must be covered to keep any liquid away from the buried waste. Once the landfill is closed, the owner/operator is responsible for maintaining the final cover, monitoring groundwater and methane gas, and continuing leachate management for 30 years.
  • Landfill owners/operators must show that they have financial mechanisms to cover the costs of closure, post closure care, and any needed cleanup from releases for a period of 30 years