The Center for Environmental Studies and Wildlife Management will serve individuals, schools, agencies, and organizations throughout Texas. It is an organization that is focused on educating the public about issues related to the reduction, management and environmental balance between processing our solid waste streams and maintaining a healthy Texas wildlife.

Located at the Post Oak Properties in Guadalupe County, the Center plans to cooperate on a broad level in the following areas:

Solid Waste

  • Public Education;
  • Educating our School Children;
  • Cooperating with Universities on Environmental Research and Wildlife Management Projects;
  • Training for Solid Waste Operators throughout the State of Texas;

Wildlife Management

  • Education of Wildlife Management;
  • Development of Wetlands;
  • Control of Wildlife
  • Developing Wildlife Management Programs;

Coupled with and made a part of the Center is the Post Oak Ranch Wildlife Preserve, a 420 +/- acre property and Field Study Center that will provide programs in environmental education for regional schools and a variety of courses for the general public. We anticipate a cooperative effort with the major Universities, Texas Parks & Wildlife and other organizations and institutions within the region.

Visitors to the Center may also enjoy birding and wildlife watching, a nature trail, the "working ranch" and garden, as well as seasonal community gatherings.